About Us

You have worked hard and had some good luck with your investments. You are considering upgrading your living conditions with a custom home. On this page we will describe what sets Cooley Contracting LLC apart from other custom home builders.

First, what is unique about a custom home? How does it differ from a standard tract home? Standard homes are built to satisfy an average. A standard home can be built to high quality, but it will not have the personal touches that a custom home will have. A standard home will not have that personal signature and unique character that identifies you, the owner. Some examples of features of custom homes includes: special shops for hobbies, dramatic stairways, kitchen cabinets laid out to match your dishes, cookware, etc. A standard home will be like the house next door…a custom home should be a reflection of your personal tastes. It will be an extension of you.

Another aspect of custom home building is the ability to adapt the final design of the home as it is being built. Often during construction, a home owner or the builder will see opportunities for changes that will make the finished home more functional for his/her life. Making changes in a standard home can be difficult. In a custom home, the changes can generally be accommodated.

Will a custom home cost more? The answer is intuitive. The cost of a home is a function of the cost of the materials (doors, paint, appliances, etc.) and the labor. Custom homes tend to involve more labor than standard homes since the construction philosophy is oriented toward the owner instead of toward the builder.

Consider the endless possibilities that exist in a custom home. Every element of the home could be a one of a kind creation. For example, at the extreme, the door locks could be individually fabricated for each door. The art of building a custom home is in careful selection of those parts of the home that utilize standard parts (e.g., door latches) and those parts that need to be built one of a kind (e.g., a room for a special collection).

At Cooley Contracting LLC, we understand the nuances of keeping cost down while imprinting your personal signature on your new custom home. We’ve invested on state of the art tools and resources to allow us to build your custom home and keep a lid on the costs.

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